Project Oversight Committee

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The objective of the Project Oversight Committee is to enhance the overall success of the Advancing Water Technologies (AWT) program by providing review and guidance on company-led project applications.

Please see below for a current list of Project Oversight Committee:

Evelyn Allen
Manager, Corporate Research Partnerships, University of Waterloo
Evelyn has 15 years of professional multidisciplinary experience across the clean-tech sector. She has experience managing projects as a consulting engineer and a design engineer at a research-focused technology company and within academia, and building partnerships between university researchers, policy staff, and industry.

Sangeeta Chopra
Director of Engineering Services, Ontario Clean Water Agency 
Sangeeta is a professional engineer with fifteen years of experience in leadership, management and consulting in the water, wastewater and biosolids areas. She has managed multi-disciplinary teams on municipal and industrial projects in Canada and internationally throughout her professional career. At OCWA, Sangeeta provides engineering and technical services to municipalities and other client groups in the areas of capital projects and execution, energy optimization, feasibility studies, asset management, distribution system evaluations and technical studies and reviews.

Tim Constantine
Global Technology Leader for Wastewater Treatment, CH2M
Tim has over 20 years of experience in the wastewater industry. He has been involved in the design, optimization, and assessment of over 100 wastewater treatment facilities and has obtained two internationally recognized patents, both related to energy efficient wastewater treatment strategies. He is currently providing leadership on a wide variety of major infrastructure programs across North America and internationally.

David Ellis
Managing Director, Azura Associates
David has spent quarter of a century in the wastewater and cleantech sectors and is recognised as one of North America’s premier wastewater and cleantech practitioners. A chemical engineer, David is passionate about how wastewater and cleantech enhances businesses, improves the lives of communities, and helps protect the environment.

Tom Ferguson
Vice-President, Programming, Imagine H2O
Tom has spent his career working in strategy, planning and operations in the cleantech and sustainability sectors. He currently develops and oversees an accelerator program, and has helped to scale the organization. Tom’s background is in business and politics and has worked internationally.

Mohammed Galib
Independent Consultant, Water/Wastewater Management
Mohammed has over ten years of experience in environment, water and wastewater fields. He has worked in various settings, including wastewater treatment plant, city corporation, and consulting firms. Mohammed’s experience includes field investigations, water/wastewater quality monitoring and treatment (conventional, biological and membrane technology). Mohammed believes in the conservation of environment and water with the application of new technology and innovation.

Geordie Gauld
Division Manager, Water Treatment Operations, City of London
Over 25 years of experience in municipal wastewater management and operations.

Linda Gowman
Chief Technology Officer, Trojan Technologies
Linda has been with Trojan in various senior roles leading research and engineering, including VP Science and Technology and VP Research. She has been responsible for technical and regulatory matters surrounding bringing new products to market, and bringing existing products to new markets. Linda’s background is in engineering and biophysics.

Don Hoekstra
Director of Innovation, Technology, and Alternative Delivery

Emily Moore
Managing Director, Water, Hatch
Emily has over 20 years of experience in industrial R&D. At Hatch, she is responsible for a world-wide team of water specialists who deliver projects in water supply, treatment and waste management. Previously, she was responsible for technology portfolio management including project development, technology transfer, industry-university partnerships and intellectual property management.

Evan Pilkington
Direct Assistance Program Manager, WaterTAP
Evan has worked for over 15 years as a consultant in the water sector, designing and delivering water management projects for government and private sector clients across North America, the United Kingdom, East Africa and the Philippines. He has also built a progressive non-profit organization ( dedicated to municipal tap water promotion.

Michele Samuels
Independent Consultant, Performance and Asset Management
Michele is an environmental engineering professional and consultant to the water, wastewater, and waste management sectors. Her experience includes process design and optimization, strategic planning and capital delivery, regulatory compliance, quality/environmental management systems, and policy development. She is committed to the advancement of innovative technologies that enhance the global environment.

Usha Srinivasan
Vice-President, Learning & Insights, MaRS
Usha leads a team dedicated to nurturing the talents of Ontario entrepreneurs through a range of diverse programs. Previously, Usha provided quality market research and consulting services to companies with Frost & Sullivan, a leading global market research and consulting company. Usha has a technical and industry background in the water, environment and building technologies space, having worked with global clients such as GE, Siemens, Veolia, American Water, IBM, Honeywell and Brita.

John Vogan
Vice-President, Corporate Development, ARCADIS Canada
John Vogan has over 25 years of experience in groundwater and soil investigation, remediation and technology development. At Arcadis, John is responsible for supporting project execution and the company’s technical service lines throughout Canada in the fields of environment, water, and buildings.