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Brenda Lucas
Brenda LucasExecutive Director
Brenda has led the implementation and development of the platform since SOWC was created in 2011. Brenda has a decade of experience in the water policy and research community in Canada, developing networks and collaborative projects. She has previously worked with a private foundation, non-profit organizations and as a Senior Policy Advisor to two provincial Ministers of the Environment. She is a member of the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW Canada) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA).
VACANTManager, Research Partnerships
This position serves as the lead for activities related to funding and project development. Working closely with the Manager, Industry Partnerships and the administration of the lead partner universities of the SOWC, the role facilitates the development of project proposals, working directly with companies to identify funding opportunities, draft contracts and agreements and facilitate project initiation.
Rahim Kanji
Rahim KanjiManager, Industry Partnerships
As Manager, Industry Partnerships, Rahim is the primary interface between SOWC and its industry partners, ensuring active liaison, outreach, user engagement and project development support. Prior to his engagement with SOWC, Rahim spent the past 10 years in various private and public sector roles providing him with expertise in systems commissioning, technical sales, commercialization, industry liaison and project management. His educational background consists of an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, both from the University of Waterloo, and he is also a professional engineer (P.Eng.).
Robert Nyman
Robert NymanProject Coordinator
Robert is the Project Coordinator for SOWC. In his role, Robert is responsible for SOWC’s financial administration, office coordination, and meeting and event planning. He further acts as a direct support to the Executive Director of SOWC. Robert has held positions in finance at the City of Toronto and in financial aid at the University of Waterloo. Robert’s educational background consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Master of Public Service degree, both from the University of Waterloo.