New SOWC Facility Overview Available

Highlighting the technical specifications of the SOWC Drinking Water node facilities, a new one-page facility overview is available on the SOWC Resource page for downloading. Each overview provides a high-level summary of SOWC node facility capacity for prospective SOWC industry partners. Along with the new Drinking Water overview, currently available facility overviews include the Watershed [...]

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External Funding Opportunities – January

Starting this month, the SOWC will highlight timely external funding programs that may be of interest to our subscribers. Great Lakes Protection Fund Pre-Proposal deadline: February 3, 2014 The Great Lakes Protection Fund seeks to support a suite of projects that will design, develop, test and evaluate innovations to advance the next generation of actions [...]

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SOWC 2013 – Year in Review

The SOWC Guelph Wastewater event hosted more than 125 attendees eager to learn more about the platform 2013 has been a very busy and exciting year for the SOWC. Over the past 12 months, we have been working hard to deliver a platform for water technology research, development, demonstration and testing needs. We [...]

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Watershed Node Event Panel Discussion: SOWC Data Platform Capabilities

SOWC's recent Waterloo Watershed Node event "Smarter Watershed Management" featured a panel discussion and preview of the data platform SOWC is implementing. The discussion provided potential partners and end-users with their first technical introduction to the developing platform. The goal was to further stimulate interest, connections, and seek input particularly from proposed end-users about the [...]

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Dr. Susan Andrews – SOWC Node Leader Profile

Dr. Susan Andrews is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, and is the Drinking Water Node Leader for the SOWC – which is supporting capacity for the development and testing of new technologies that address emerging concerns in water treatment, including effective use and reuse of water. Dr. Susan [...]

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International Collaborative Team Testing Microsatellite Technology For Water Resource Management

Researchers will be using the SOWC platform to test out-of-this-world technology that will strengthen watershed data acquisition through the utilization of microsatellites. Through an international collaboration of academic, private industry, and government partners, research has begun at Alder Creek, a sub-watershed of the Grand River, to test the use of micro-satellites in water resource management [...]

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SOWC, Solinst Canada Ltd. and IBM Canada Driving Collaborative Smarter Watershed Monitoring Research Project

Smart watersheds are getting smarter. A collaborative team consisting of researchers from the SOWC, Solinst Canada Ltd. and IBM Canada are attempting to successfully demonstrate new communications software at Alder Creek, a sub-watershed of the Grand River, which will make sensor networks more intelligent. This new technology will mark a shift from traditional static sensor [...]

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Primodal Inc. Begins Testing on Grand River Watershed

In May 2013, Primodal Inc. became the first Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) user to access Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) monitoring stations with a system to develop, test and demonstrate a new real-time water monitoring and data evaluation product in a real-world environment. The system install, located along the Grand River at Brant Park, [...]

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