Ask the Expert: Brian Mergelas on Innovation and Technology in the Water Sector

This article was originally published by Partners in Project Green. For businesses and government in the Greater Toronto Area, managing water resources effectively can become a complicated, challenging task. Many organizations, such as Partners in Project Green, exist to provide resources and collaborative opportunities to deal with water-related challenges. Another such organization is WaterTAP, Ontario's [...]

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Ontario’s Water Mandate

SOWC's Brenda Lucas and WaterTAP's Brian Mergelas teamed up to analyze the Ministers' mandate letters and tell us what they mean for Ontario's water sector. This article was originally published in Water Canada by Brenda Lucas & Brian Mergelas. Last month, Premier Kathleen Wynne offered Ontarians a window into an important factor in policy-making: the [...]

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SOWC Profiled in Regional Tech Magazine

This article was originally published in the Waterloo Region Record by Lisa Maccoll. In an arena where research and grant dollars can be competitive, the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) is a study in collaborative innovation. The consortium, based out of a building on the University of Waterloo's north campus, near Columbia Lake, focuses on [...]

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It’s Time to Invest to Save

This article was originally published in Water Canada by Brenda Lucas. Water Canada's recent issue, "Time to Pay" [September/October 2014], carries a strong message about the risks and costs of neglecting our water infrastructure—a fact that bears repeating. Too often we've failed to make appropriate investments in our water systems: the "infrastructure gap" has been [...]

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How Big Data Helps Water Management

This article was originally published in Environmental Leader. Canada's Southern Ontario Water Consortium, a public-private-university initiative working in the areas of watershed, wastewater, drinking water management, ecotoxicology and sensor development is now generating big data for global research and development purposes. The new data integration platform for SOWC is being provided by Smarter Planet Solutions [...]

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Monitoring the Watershed in Real-time

This article was originally published in Waterloo Stories by Victoria Van Capellen Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Dave Rudolph and his group within the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) have successfully launched their smart watershed data integration platform to monitor the hydrologic conditions and water quality within a region of Ontario’s Grand River watershed and [...]

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A Career in the Water Industry

Are you interested in a future within the Ontario Water Industry? The Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) is offering a 1-day seminar on September 11, 2014 for current students and 2014 graduates that want to get involved in the water industry. As a seminar participant, you will have the opportunity to network with professionals in [...]

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Water Canada: Water’s Next 2015

Water's Next nominations are now open! Water Canada is proud to relaunch their annual awards program celebrating Canadian water excellence. With two revamped categories and an all-new format, they expect Water's Next 2015 will be their best one yet. Their winners will now be selected from two overarching categories: People (Business, Government, Young Professionals, and [...]

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SOWC Data Integration Platform Featured in IT World Canada

This article was originally published in IT World Canada by Howard Solomon From little things, big data grows. That might be the slogan of the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, a partnership of eight Ontario universities which is building a data platform for water testing technologies that will help protect drinking water and predict floods. Click [...]

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