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Honeywell Adapts Satellite Technology for Portable Water Monitoring Tool

For Honeywell, when it comes to spectrometer sensor technology, space is not the final frontier. In the past, its aerospace division engineered sophisticated instruments for scientists to measure the reflected sunlight of a planet, and determine the concentrations and flow of carbon dioxide and methane gas pollution in the earth’s atmosphere. The company’s space programs have also spun off into other applications, such as exactEarth – a satellite data service that tracks maritime vessels globally for the purposes of traffic [...]

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World Water-Tech North America 2017

As municipalities worldwide adapt to extreme weather, the water sector is undergoing radical transformation to build resilience for future disasters and events. New actors are emerging and business models are being revamped to facilitate technology implementation and innovation. With the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions, this signals a real need and desire by the private sector to expand and diversify portfolios as we advance towards a smarter, more proactive future. Now in its 5th year, World Water-Tech North America, [...]

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Genemis Builds on Testkit Success to Advance Smart Water Monitoring Technology

Traditional methods for testing microbial water contamination can be cumbersome, expensive, and do not report immediate feedback. The overall process of sending a sample to a microbiological lab, waiting for the results, flushing and disinfecting a water system if a high bacteria content is present, and then verifying that bacteria has been purged, can take days to weeks. For sensitive industries ranging from pharmaceutical and medical to food processing, the detection of bacteria can bring daily operations to a full [...]

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