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UV Pure’s Crossfire Technology® and the road to validation

Chlorination has been used in water treatment for more than 100 years. But there are growing concerns about its effectiveness in removing certain pathogens and its long-term effects on both humans and the environment. UV disinfection is very quickly gaining ground on chlorination because it’s effective, environmentally friendly and economical. But, in many ways the technology hasn’t changed since it was introduced in the early 1900s. UV Pure Technologies, an award-winning Canadian manufacturer of UV water treatment systems, has developed [...]

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Echologics: A Sound Solution to Leak Detection

Across the continent, water mains laid down during the post-WWII housing boom are reaching the end of their life. Out of sight, small cracks and leaks are going undetected until they turn into catastrophic bursts. And all that wasted water can cost cities millions of dollars every year. Echologics has a solution. The Mississauga company has designed remote sensors that sit inside the caps of fire hydrants. Each night, they come to life, listening to the water network for suspicious [...]

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Making Waves – 2017 in Review

SOWC is very pleased to present our 2017 Year End Report, Making Waves. The report profiles the 60 technology development projects that are being executed with support from our Advancing Water Technologies program. These collaborative projects are led by Ontario water technology companies in partnership with academic experts from across SOWC’s member post-secondary institutions. We also highlight our activities to promote “net zero energy” wastewater facilities to leverage the strengths of this sector and support implementation of innovative projects. We’re [...]

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