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Biosolids modeling: helping engineers extract more value from sludge

Better, faster, cheaper. It’s the mantra of wastewater treatment plant engineers around the world. That’s why more of them are focusing attention on unlocking the full potential of anaerobic digestion: using the biogas produced to generate electricity and transforming sludge into valuable fertilizer. Now, an Ontario collaboration funded by SOWC is giving them the design tools they need to do exactly that. In a civil engineering lab in Hamilton’s McMaster University, Dr. Younggy Kim believes the key lies in high-temperature [...]

October 10th, 2017|Categories: Features|0 Comments

Hydromantis Boosts Capabilities of its Dynamic Simulator for Process and Energy Optimization in Wastewater Utilities

Hamilton-based Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions Inc. specializes in engineering and consulting work for the wastewater industry, finding much of its success on account of its innovative GPS-X tool. Released more than 25 years ago, this powerful modeling and simulation software has become a leading option for the design, optimization, and general management of wastewater treatment plants. But as company President Rajeev Goel acknowledges, in its earliest of iterations the technology was a little ahead of its time. “When founded in [...]

August 30th, 2017|Categories: Features|0 Comments

Honeywell Adapts Satellite Technology for Portable Water Monitoring Tool

For Honeywell, when it comes to spectrometer sensor technology, space is not the final frontier. In the past, its aerospace division engineered sophisticated instruments for scientists to measure the reflected sunlight of a planet, and determine the concentrations and flow of carbon dioxide and methane gas pollution in the earth’s atmosphere. The company’s space programs have also spun off into other applications, such as exactEarth – a satellite data service that tracks maritime vessels globally for the purposes of traffic [...]

June 23rd, 2017|Categories: Features|0 Comments
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