Eramosa Engineering Uses SOWC Watershed Data to Enhance Water Treatment Data

Eramosa Engineering, supported by SOWC's data integration platform, has created a unique water and wastewater industry data visualization web-based reporting tool that incorporates historical watershed data with existing plant and remote systems data from around a local municipality's water and wastewater system. The Guelph-based company is a leader in developing customized Supervisory Control and Data [...]

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How Big Data Helps Water Management

This article was originally published in Environmental Leader. Canada's Southern Ontario Water Consortium, a public-private-university initiative working in the areas of watershed, wastewater, drinking water management, ecotoxicology and sensor development is now generating big data for global research and development purposes. The new data integration platform for SOWC is being provided by Smarter Planet Solutions [...]

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Monitoring the Watershed in Real-time

This article was originally published in Waterloo Stories by Victoria Van Capellen Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Dave Rudolph and his group within the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) have successfully launched their smart watershed data integration platform to monitor the hydrologic conditions and water quality within a region of Ontario’s Grand River watershed and [...]

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SOWC Data Integration Platform Featured in IT World Canada

This article was originally published in IT World Canada by Howard Solomon From little things, big data grows. That might be the slogan of the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, a partnership of eight Ontario universities which is building a data platform for water testing technologies that will help protect drinking water and predict floods. Click [...]

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Ontario Takes Big Data Analytics to the Watershed

This article was originally published in A Smarter Planet by Dr. David Rudolph We all live in watersheds; areas of land so defined because the water that falls within its boundaries, circulates through it and is influenced by how the land is managed and by the demands that are placed on it. They supply our [...]

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SOWC’s Data Integration Platform Featured in Latest Issue of Water Canada

This article was originally published in Water Canada by Stephen D'Angelo A Watershed Moment What happens when data streams from an intensely instrumented watershed are combined with next-generation analytics in a high-powered computing environment? The answer is an unprecedented opportunity to manage watersheds in a smarter way for a diverse array of interested stakeholders. This [...]

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Watershed Node Event Panel Discussion: SOWC Data Platform Capabilities

SOWC's recent Waterloo Watershed Node event "Smarter Watershed Management" featured a panel discussion and preview of the data platform SOWC is implementing. The discussion provided potential partners and end-users with their first technical introduction to the developing platform. The goal was to further stimulate interest, connections, and seek input particularly from proposed end-users about the [...]

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