Grand River

GRCA-provided Testing Site Gives Primodal’s Monitoring Device Real-world Experience

Primodal Inc.'s water quality monitoring device is now robust enough to take on the harsh conditions of the real world thanks to nearly two years of testing at one of the Grand River Conservation Authority's (GRCA) monitoring stations. In May 2013, the Hamilton-based company became the first Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) user to access [...]

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Major Canadian River Contains Artificial Sweeteners

This article was originally published by the University of Water News by Pamela Smyth Researchers from the University of Waterloo and Environment Canada found elevated concentrations of artificial sweeteners in the Grand River, a major river in southern Ontario that flows into Lake Erie, and calculated the equivalent of 81,850 to 188,650 cans of soda [...]

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Primodal Inc. Begins Testing on Grand River Watershed

In May 2013, Primodal Inc. became the first Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) user to access Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) monitoring stations with a system to develop, test and demonstrate a new real-time water monitoring and data evaluation product in a real-world environment. The system install, located along the Grand River at Brant Park, [...]

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Protecting the Future of the Grand River

This article was originally published on Waterloo Stories by Bob Burtt. The Grand River watershed will soon be home to a living lab where new technologies in water and wastewater will be researched, developed, demonstrated and exported globally, says David Rudolph, professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and member of the Water [...]

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SOWC: Seeking Partnerships to Fill Gaps in the Grand River Watershed

This article was originally published on Water Canada by Grahame Rivers While innovative companies in the water sector are developing groundbreaking technologies aimed at providing solutions to municipalities, industrial enterprises, and consumers with practical ways to solve water challenges in an environmentally responsible way, these companies must also be able to demonstrate that their technology [...]

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Demonstrating Water Monitoring Technology in the Grand River Watershed

SOWC and the Grand River Conservation Authority and Primodal Inc. have signed an agreement to facilitate Primodal's access to GRCA's water quality monitoring stations for research, development and demonstration of a new monitoring technology in a real environment within the Grand River watershed. This type of agreement will allow SOWC, private sector and academic users [...]

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