Ontario Launches Collaboration Voucher Program

This article was originally published by the Government of Ontario News. Ontario is launching a new Collaboration Voucher program to give companies a competitive edge by connecting businesses with research institutions. Through the program, eligible companies can apply for vouchers which can be redeemed for access to the expertise and knowledge at Ontario universities, colleges [...]

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Ontario Commercialization and Innovation Voucher

The Government of Ontario is moving forward with the creation of a Commercialization and Innovation Voucher pilot program. The Commercialization and Innovation Voucher was a key recommendation of the Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Council. The Commercialization and Innovation Voucher pilot will provide eligible small and medium-sized enterprises with resources to work with research institutions to [...]

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Ontario Releases Water Sector Strategy

In advance of Ontario's upcoming trade mission to China, which will highlight innovation in the province, the government has released its Water Sector Strategy. The goal of the strategy is to position the province as a North American leader by building on Ontario’s strengths and expertise in clean water technology. The strategy contains an action [...]

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