SOWC’s Collaboration with McMaster is Pushing Sensor Technology Forward

With the help of the Southern Ontario Water Consortium’s (SOWC) state-of-the-art equipment, McMaster University’s water experts are changing the world of sensor technology. The Hamilton University is a global leader in sensor technology and a majority of the development of new tools aimed at solving the water challenges facing industry and municipalities is happening at [...]

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SOWC Facilities Draw Attention From U.S. Delegation

SOWC's cutting-edge research, development, testing and demonstration facilities are attracting attention from those interested in water technology south of the border. Delegates of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Centre (MassCEC), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the New England Water Innovation Network, recently [...]

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McMaster Hosts SOWC Sensors Event and Networking Session

On May 16, SOWC and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario hosted the SOWC Sensors event and networking session. The morning event highlighted the unique capacity of the Sensors Node of SOWC, and provided engagement opportunities between researchers and local companies. SOWC Operations Manager Brenda Lucas provides attendees with an introduction and overview of the [...]

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