Companies Take a Sneak Peek at SOWC’s London Wastewater Facility

WaterTAP and newterra staff participate in an SOWC London Wastewater Facility tour with City of London, SOWC and Western University staff On May 5, SOWC and the City of London hosted preview tours of SOWC's London Wastewater Facility (LWF) for interested companies wanting to learn more about the soon-to-be-commissioned facility. Throughout the day [...]

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SOWC’s London Wastewater Pilot Facility Featured in Latest Issue of Water Canada

This article was originally published in Water Canada by Kerry Freek As populations grow, infrastructure fails, and funding shrinks, Canadian municipalities are developing an urgent need to find ways to make water and wastewater treatment facilities more economical and efficient. In Canada, there's no end to the supply of exciting new, cost-effective technologies to close [...]

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Consortium Aims to Capitalize on Wastewater Reuse

This article was originally published in the Guelph Mercury. People over the past century have been using water considerably faster than the population has grown, a University of Guelph scientist warned during a water conference Monday. "We know the value of water when the well runs dry," engineering professor and water supply security research chair [...]

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SOWC and University of Guelph Celebrate Progress at Wastewater Event

On June 24th, the SOWC and the University of Guelph hosted a networking and information-sharing event to celebrate a milestone in developing the SOWC wastewater platform. Largely based around engaging local partners and the private sector, over 125 participants from the academic, public and industry sectors attended to learn about SOWC and how the overall [...]

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Approvals Innovation at Ontario Ministry of the Environment

This article was originally published by Water Canada. Innovative companies and researchers in the wastewater and resource recovery sector are developing groundbreaking technologies aimed at providing solutions to wastewater treatment challenges, and they are interested in evaluating and demonstrating technology outside of the lab, in the real world. Companies and researchers sometimes need a host [...]

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SOWC: Water Canada Blog (April 2013)

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium is writing a regular blog for Water Canada Magazine focusing on the latest news, developments and information from around the SOWC. The blog can be found online on Water Canada's website. SOWC: Approvals Innovation at Ontario Ministry of the Environment Innovative companies and researchers in the wastewater and resource recovery [...]

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Guelph Wastewater Facility to Attract Local and International Companies

SOWC and the University of Guelph, in collaboration with the City of Guelph, have broken ground on a project to construct a research, development and demonstration facility for wastewater technologies and services. Located at the Guelph Wastewater Facility, the SOWC facility will help to grow new innovations and the local economy. The Ontario Ministry of [...]

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Wastewater Treatment to be City’s Calling Card

This article was originally published by the London Free Press. London may soon become a leader in North America in wastewater technology, city council's civic works committee was told Monday. Peter White, president of the London Economic Development Corp., said plans to turn a sewage treatment plant into a world-class laboratory will build on London's [...]

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